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The privacy policy

of Child and Nature Foundation


1. Controller of the register

Name: Lapsi ja Luonto Säätiö sr / Child and Nature Foundation sr

Business ID: 1574206-6

Postal address: c/o WIP Asset Management Oy Mannerheimintie 18 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland


2. Register name

Lapsi ja Luonto Säätiö sr's grant system.


3. Contact person of the controller

Contact person: Managing Director Marika Väliaho

Email address:


4. Purpose and legal basis of personal data processing

Collected personal data is used for the processing and communication of grant applications and awarded grants, as well as to enable and develop the monitoring of activities. The register stores the information provided in the grant applications, as well as information related to the payment of the granted grants and the progress and final report of the research or project.


The system collects contact information about the grant applicant, members of the working group, and the applicant's recommenders. This information is collected from grant/assistance applicants. In addition, payment information for grants/grants is collected.


In order for the application to be accepted for processing, the applicant is required to provide the personal information on the application form and in the attachments. If sufficient personal information is not provided, the application may not be processed.


5. Recipient groups of personal data

Personal data is processed by the foundation's Managing Director, evaluators specified separately by the foundation, recommenders nominated by the applicant, the foundation's board, designated users and auditors of the accounting firm. Information is only displayed to the extent that it is necessary for the operation of the recipient group.


6. Registry protection

The databases are located in the foundation's electronic administrative archive and only certain predefined persons can access the information.


7. Personal data retention period


No applications granted

● The foundation deletes incomplete applications when there is no need to keep them in terms of grant awards.


Grants awarded

● The foundation will keep the granted applications for the time being, if the grant recipient does not request the application to be deleted separately.


Payment information

● Information is stored for the necessary time, taking into account official notifications and possible audits.


Clearing information

● Information is stored long-term for statistical purposes.



● Messages related to the application are deleted when the application is deleted.


8. The registrant's right to access their own information

The registered person has the right to check the information stored in the register about them and to demand the correction or deletion of incorrect or inaccurate information. The data of the registered person can be deleted at the request of the registered person, unless there is no longer a legal basis for processing the data.


Requests for checking or correcting information must be submitted to the controller in writing. Checking the information and requesting a correction is free of charge.


The grant applicant has the right to cancel the application, in which case the application will not be evaluated. If a decision has already been made on the application, the application information cannot be completely deleted.


9. Disclosure of information

Information on grants paid to natural persons will be handed over to the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution of Finland if necessary.


Information on grants paid to natural persons is handed over to the tax administration.


The recipients and amounts of the granted grants, and possibly also summaries of the research/project, can be published on the foundation's website and in the annual report. The foundation can hand over information to other providers of grants/grants.

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